Smiley Piercing 'Migration'

A concern to keep in mind with your smiley piercing is 'smiley piercing migration'. Migrating is the term used for when body piercing jewelry starts to move; if you play with, tug at, rub against, even if your clothing rubs against, a piece of jewelry, this repeated activity can cause that jewelry to wear and tear in tiny amounts against the piercing hole it is in, and over a period of time this can cause the hole to spread in a certain direction and the jewelry item to follow along with it, 'migrating' away from its original spot.

The smiley piercing can be especially susceptible to this migration since it is located in such a small piece of skin; the frenulum is quite thin, and is also made of less-tough skin than is found outside the mouth. So with the natural pull of gravity, with talking and other mouth activity like using your tongue to play with your smiley piercing, and with the natural inclination we have to play and fiddle with our body jewelry using our fingers, the smiley piercing can more easily migrate than many other types of piercing. Your best smiley piercing might be simply avoiding playing with it; just leave it alone physically, enjoy it visually. Once again, using a light gauge of wire for your body jewelry will also help, since this makes a smaller hole and also gives you less to play around with during your fiddling moods.


It's a balancing act: you want a light enough gauge of jewelry to make a smaller hole in your frenulum and to have less weight pulling at it, yet it shouldn't be so light and thin that it easily tears at the hole when it's moved around.

Migration varies in different people, according to so many factors; with the smiley piercing done in such a small piece of skin, migration is extremely common and can be very fast. Some people can have their piercing last for years with little problem, but among smiley piercing aficionados it's widely known that your smiley piercing might only last you a few months before it migrates out, and they refer to the smiley piercing as temporary and impractical.