Smiley Piercing Health

There are some factors to keep in mind with smiley piercing health; first, as with any piercing that involves the inside of the mouth, for some people it's just not a good idea. There is a lot of bacteria inside the mouth, and all kinds of food, drink, and other substances are put there, including whatever vices you're into, and including the bodily fluids of anyone you might be kissing or making love with; some people seem to have constitutions that will heal almost anything and will never have an smiley piercing infection, and other people seem to get them all the time. No matter how much you love your piercing, if you are prone to getting infected there it's best to let it go; you don't want to take chances with doing permanent damage to such a sensitive and visible area as smack dab in the front, center of your upper lip and gums.

Also, people react differently with different sizes and materials of body jewelry. Your smiley piercing health might rely on a little experimentation with these; using hypoallergenic body jewelry might be the only way you can avoid infection, although even that is no guarantee... once you have a hole inside your mouth, it might be the jewelry that causes infection, or it might be other materials found in food or whatever. If you are having an infection, at least do some experimentation with different jewelry materials to see if one particular material seems to be the cause.

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Another serious smiley piercing health concern is the teeth. Due to its placement inside the upper lip, a smiley piercing can cause damage to your teeth depending on what kind of jewelry you use. If your ring or barbell is large enough it can rub or even clack against your teeth as you talk or move your lips, and this action can eventually cause some erosion to the outer surface of your teeth, so you should use small jewelry items that don't reach down to your teeth. If you use larger ones that do touch your teeth, they should be of thin gauge wire that is light and won't do much or any damage.

And if you do begin to notice symptoms of your smiley piercing, such as wear to the teeth, infection that won't go away, soreness that won't go away, gum problems, even upper middle teeth starting to develop a 'gap' as is sometimes reported... I hope you won't sacrifice your long-term health just to keep up with the jewelry. Some side-effects you put up with because it seems worth the price, and other side effects make it just not worth it. Only you can judge that, and if it seems not worth it, try a piercing somewhere else on your body where it doesn't seem to cause you problems.